Directory Submission Services

The process of submitting the website links on various online web directories is known as the Directory Submission. It is one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization procedure that helps boosts the Search Engine ranking of any website. The purpose is to create the quality one way and permanent back links of the website so as to increase the traffic of one’s website and make the presence of one’s business being felt across the World Wide Web. There are several Directory Submission Service providers across the internet.

There are two type of Directory submission services; Manual and Automated.

Manual Directory Submission:

Under manual directory submission the website link is submitted to the various web directories across the internet one by and one and manually over the period of time. Manual directory submission may be time consuming but it has many advantages. First of all it is important to submit the link on the web directory under the relevant category so as to ensure the acceptance of your directory submission by the Search Engine. Manual Directory is lee prone to errors and hence the humans who are submitting the link on the web directory can accordingly make changes to the detail in the process if needed. Search Engines also pick the manually submitted links more easily. The SEO friendly web directory prefers the manually submitted links as well

Automated Directory Submission:

To automatically submitted the links to the directory Automated Directory Submission software are used. This process saves time and allows the webmaster to submit the link of their website on several web directories simultaneously. Although automated directory submission is less time consuming it still does not guarantee the desired results for the boost of the Search Engine ranking. Sometimes webmasters submit the links to their websites on several web directories without considering the relevance of the category. Such submissions are considered as spam and are disregarded by the Search Engines. If your website link is rejected by the Search Engine it may not only make you lose the web traffic eventually but also can adversely affect the SEO ranking of your website. Additionally, different web directories have different set of rules which they follow strictly, hence it becomes difficult for the automated Directory Submission Service to make changes to the submitted links accordingly; whereas a manual directory submission service can easily detect the discrepancy and hence make changes accordingly.

For the desired results it is important to choose the Directory Submission Service that is good in quality and can successfully produce the results that you seek. Some qualities that a good Directory Submission Service possesses are:

  • SEO friendly: A good Directory Submission Service would be SEO friendly. Such web directory allows the search bots and/or humans to crawl through the webpage easily.
  • Approving: It is important to check that whether the web directory is approving the submissions anymore or not.
  • Time: If a directory approves the submission within few days it is considered to be good.
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